Solaris Self Tan Spray


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Solaris Instant Spray Tan gives you a perfect bronze glow.

This self-tanning spray colors the skin the same way as UV radiation, but then in a healthy way.

The bronzing is absorbed into the skin and improves the melanin (pigment) causing the skin to turn brown.

After spraying the color develops over a period of 6-8 hours and remains on your skin for 5-7 days.

Solaris Instant Spray Tan does not contain Carotene (the cause of an orange glow).

Get a smooth healthy glow instantly.

Easy to apply
Gives your skin an even tan.
Contains no alcohol, oil, carotene or parabens.
A environmentally friendly aerosol which is not under pressure and is not flammable.
Remains 5 to 8 days.
Lets pigmentation fade.
Dermatologically tested
Not tested on animals.
Dries quickly and leaves no smears
100% Ecocert DHA
Does not block sunlight (UV)
Good for 50 face and neck treatments
For all skin types

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Vegan Friendly
Premium Quality
No Parabens, No Alcohol

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