12 Pack Tan Eraser Remover


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Wholesale Special Offer! 12 cans for just £80 and FREE DELIVERY!

12 pack of Solaris Fake Tan Remover for retail sales, you make £100 per box!

Each Solaris Tan Eraser RRP in salons at £14.99.

Solaris Tan Eraser is a revolutionary product that removes self-tanning without harmful ingredients and in just 5 minutes.

This fake tan remover formula contains exfoliating and moisturising agents that will help make your skin soft and smooth.

Application Tips:
For best results, use the tan remover 3 days after applying your Solaris self-tanner.

  • Pump the foam and apply generously on dry skin. Leave the tan remover on for 5 – 10 minutes maximum.
  • Shower with warm water, using a damp cloth to wipe tan away.
  • For more stubborn areas, use an exfoliating glove to gently remove any remaining tan

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Vegan Friendly
Premium Quality
No Parabens, No Alcohol

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