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Solaris Tanning Products

Welcome to Solaris Tanning Products


We are delighted to introduce Solaris Tanning Products. Our company is the combination of over fifteen years cosmetic industry experience, forty years of business acumen and the realization that the market needed a quality self tanning product at a competitive price, produced in the U. K.When you buy from us, there is no middle man, we have researched, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold our fabulous products direct to your door. All our business is under one roof and we are only a phone call away!

As we are the manufacturer, our research and development has introduced a range of self tanning solutions to meet the needs of differing skin types and tones, after all, it would be mundane if we were all the same – not everyone is the same.At Solaris we are of sound, moral and ethical business acumen and welcome you into our family of customers. Quality control is of paramount importance to us, from the inception of a product through manufacture, to end user.

For more information regarding Solaris tanning products please call us on 0844 562 3527. Finally, the whole team at Solaris wants to thank you for your interest and support.